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released   Summer 2012

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released   AUTUMN 2012

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Tony's New CD


available   SUMMER 2013

CD featuring some of Tony's favourites, particularly from ?




Available SUMMER 2013

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This section is for Tony to write about what is on his mind at the present moment. Some of it might be of interest and it is hoped that it might stimulate some thoughts.




Somebody asked me if I'm still performing live and I had to tell them that for the moment it's not on the agenda. It's better to spend time recording comedy/satirical songs that can get to a much wider audience. I'm also rather fed-up with the stand-up scene. I think you'll see that by not being distracted by live performance I can produce comedy/satirical music that really takes a step up.


Tony has his say on...


Life After Gigging

Firstly, for those who notice these things, the new album (still love that word) has been put back a couple of months. This is to allow a final remix and a publicity surge we're launching to support it (particularly in the USA). So, as I write this I'm awaiting delivery of the CDs that are then going to be shipped out (along with publicity material to radio stations and music magazines. All very exciting!

The title will be released on June 1st (along with the cover) and I'm so excited about this album because I thinkthere's no one single track that shouldn't be there (perhaps in the past I've added the odd track to fill out the playing list, but as part of my new attitude I decided that unless it should be on the album, it doesn't make it, and this means that my working methods have changed.

In the past I'd decide to record (perhaps) fourteen tracks and if I was lucky I'd record fifteen songs. This meant that the chances of everyone being topnotch was limited and I considered myself fortunate if 75% were at their best. While some of these 'weaker' tracks still sound good (to me) there's always a nagging feeling that they could have been better.

With a break of a year I was able to build up a lot more songs (perhaps twenty) and this allowed me to take my time over them, making sure they were at their best. I now decided that I would only release twelve songs on an album and those leftover could have more work done on them (with a view to a later release) or they would be placed in an archive. I've now stockpiled quite enough songs to take me through to 2020 (this is a magic number for me, but more about that much later).

This morning I've been working on guitar parts for an album that I plan to release in early 2019 and I am quite excited about this one because of the subject matter, the style of music and subtle differences that permiate this album. It is a fitting follow-up and I hope that those of you who've stuck with me will enjoy it as much as I do.













NEXT TIME: A LOOK AT THE NEW CD - The tales behind the songs and the making.